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Reflective Essay Examples

Reflective Essay Examples

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A reflective essay can be defined as a kind of writing whereby the writer interacts with the reader and describes an event or experience from your life. This experience delves into personal ideas, opinions, and feelings about the event and how it had an impact on you (the writer). A reflective essay enables you to:

Examine and arrive at conclusions on what you have seen, heard, or even read.

Write from your point of view.

Think about the things you have learned and how you will utilize the new information that you’ve got.

Establish correlations between you and the text, or the text and the rest of the world.

Professors or teachers mostly request their students to come up with reflective essays since they (essays) enable you to share your experience about something. Reflections are personal and subjective. However, they ought to have a formal tone and be well organized. Furthermore, if you are reflecting on a particular text, make notes on our first emotions and thoughts while you are reading it. In the event that you’re writing about an event in your life or even writing about yourself, brainstorm by coming up with a table that contains three columns; past experiences, description, and reflection.

In the past experiences column, you say what you’re reflecting on. In the description column, you answer questions like what did you do, when did it occur, and who was there. Finally, in the reflection column, you answer questions such as what did you imagine would happen, what actually occurred, what were your feelings, and what did you learn.

Outline of Reflective Essays

The past experience and description ought to make up less than 10% of your essay. Listing events should be limited. You should include the events in your reflection. Remember to make use of transitional phrases to move between arguments and bring in particular details.

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We can write a high-quality paper for you.
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.

Introduction of a Reflection Essay

It should consist of:

The hook – A short preview of what you’ll be writing about that’s supposed to grab the reader’s attention.

The thesis statement – It ought to include the past experience information. It’s a concise statement of what your reflection essay example is going to be about.

The Body

The structure of body paragraphs ought to be discussed in sequential events. Reply to the questions in the reflection segment of the table. Eventually, a linear storyline will be created. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing about.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of reflection essay samples is supposed to wrap up your ideas and display development. Essential factors of a conclusion include future plans and newly found discoveries.

To get a clear picture, get a reflective essay example to read. This will help you greatly as you’ll practically see how to arrange your own essay from the reflective essay sample.


Avoid including something that you’re uncomfortable about – You need to watch what you write. A reflective essay is a personal type of writing since it contains your opinions and feelings about something. Before you incorporate something in your essay, ask yourself if that piece of information is appropriate to include.

Don’t be unprofessional.

Avoid replicating your ideas.

Professional Uses of Reflection Essays

Business people – They use this kind of essay to evaluate the interactions in a business environment and to assist them to visualize how they can better present their products or services to customers.

Social workers – They can encourage their clients to write about their experiences using this essay format to assist them to see the causes and effects of their behavior, and ways they can change.

You can search for reflective essay samples for business or social work and see how the points above are brought to life by the writers.

Some Reflective Essay Examples

Now that we’ve looked at how to write a reflective essay, the following are reflective essay examples:

Friendships Initiated By Facebook

In recent years, internet usage has grown tremendously. Its popularity has grown. It has made a significant impact on peoples’ lives; from their personal relationships to careers, among other aspects. Moreover, the internet has turned into a global network, where, as long as you have a computer, you can be connected to other parts of the world right from the comfort of your home, office, etc.

As time went by, online applications that enabled people to stay in touch with their existing friends and make new ones began to appear. Nowadays, many people make use of various social networks to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones. One of the most common ones is Facebook. With the increase e in social networks, debates on this phenomenon have occurred, and are still occurring: from the consequences they cause lead to the manner in which they have changed societies. According to me, one of the strangest trends linked to social networks is friendships initiated by Facebook.

It involves adding an individual to your friends’ list. In my view, this is a sensible to connect with people whom you have some kind of relationship with. Parents, work colleagues whom you’re close with, classmates, real-life friends, spouse, friends you have made while visiting various places, among others ought to be your friends on Facebook (that is if they’re on Facebook).

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We can write a high-quality paper for you.
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.

However, what happens is that people like to add strangers, that is, people whom they have never met face to face. You’ll find that even though they have never uttered even a single word to each other, they still keep each other in their friend lists. Another instance is when work colleagues add each other, but don’t communicate with each other via Facebook (or even at work). Moreover, you’ll find random individuals who have communicated with each other for a short time go ahead and add each other to their friend lists. Some people tend to add random people to their lists so that they are viewed as sociable people (as they would be having a lot of ‘friends’). As a result of this reason (and other ones that I have not included here), which I don’t comprehend, I decided to quit social networks about eight months ago.

I believe that several issues can arise as a result of these friends lists. For instance, some people might be afraid of deleting random ‘friends’ due to the fact that they might encounter some problems linked to this action, like having to deal with somebody’s emotions or even having to start explaining to someone your reasons. More often than not, deleting people from friend lists is intended to demonstrate how angry or frustrated one is with the person or people deleted. In addition, you might find that real-life communication continues as if nothing happened. In other words, relationships are dealt with in a more ‘quiet’ online manner.

It’s my view that social media, and that which is connected to sustaining relationships between individuals online, affects real-life experiences of socialization in a negative manner. I tend to think that social media users who are active at times have problems with expressing themselves in real-life. They prefer to do it in an online environment which they regard as ‘safe.’ I, therefore, think that is something that is of significant importance, and it needs to be sorted out.

Below is another example of reflective essay:

The Significance of Education

One of the most important things in this world is education. Education has supported the foundations of civilizations for many years. In simple terms, education can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge, values, beliefs, and skills by the younger generations from, the older ones (even although it encompasses so much more). Beginning probably with various kinds of art on cave walls all the way to today’s highly technological world (for instance things like the internet, computers, among others) education has always been something more significant than merely being the transfer of knowledge and skills. It’s my belief that you can define education as something that unites and incorporates individuals from every corner of the world into one community while sharing similar values, ambition, knowledge, and history.

This is perhaps the reason why most people are inclined to view those who refuse to share global values as outcasts. Certainly, in spite of all the public utterances of tolerance, we seldom take those with mindsets different from the majority seriously. With respect to the right of a person to believe in whatever he/she wants to, in schools we learn that the universe is around 14 billion years old, and that planet Earth is in the shape of a globe. Moreover, students learn that all living things on Earth evolved from more primitive forms, and this process is still continuing. They also taught that there are no divine spirits that live in the sky. They are taught all these (plus much more) not because one group of individuals oppresses the right of another one to profess their beliefs, but simply because scientific evidence and facts back some theories while others aren’t backed by facts and scientific evidence.

Therefore, one of the reasons as to why education is essential is its ability to incorporate a person into a system of beliefs and values that are shared by the community of educated individuals globally. If two individuals, who come from different cultures but have the same level of education, meet for the first time, they will be able to comprehend each other, not in terms of language but rather viewpoints. They will share similar concepts about how the world operates, and this is one of the basics of communication. It is safe to say that education is a door to all the opportunities present in the modern world.

Secondly, another reason is that it is important for someone to find a job that will enable that person to sustain himself/herself. There’s no education system around the world that is perfect. When it comes to anything unified and standardized, current educational systems can’t adjust themselves to every student with his or her individual needs. On the other hand, students have no choice but to adjust to the education systems. Schools and colleges seldom teach students something that real life encompasses: sustaining relationships, paying taxes, among others. Therefore, why is education in demand? It’s due to the fact that education assists a person in developing his or her way of thinking. Together with factual knowledge, education provides people with the necessary skills that future employers will want potential employees to possess. What’s more, a degree is proof that an individual is capable of learning, developing, and accomplishing his/her objectives.

Education has a direct effect on the quality of life. It can save lives. Most people tend to think of the advantages of education in terms of a career. It is indeed true that the educated have a higher chance of securing well-paying jobs and develop the skills required for future employment. However, there are other merits. Education guarantees cultural and intellectual continuity in any society due to the fact that it’s a bridge between generations. Past generations passed on knowledge to new ones. The new ones utilize this knowledge as the foundation to come up with new knowledge, which is passed on again to other generations. The cycle continues. Education is all about socialization and embracing laws that the modern world abides by. Generally, education is a door to many opportunities that every individual ought to open.

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