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Informative Essay Examples

Informative Essay Examples

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Informative Essay

What is the Purpose of an Informative Essay?

An informative essay seeks to present a particular topic and not the personal opinion or argument of the writer. Sometimes, it is referenced as an expository essay in the sense that it purposes to expose particular information beneficial for the reader.

How to Write an Informative Essay

You will start by presenting a topic then expound on it. Some of the steps to follow when writing an informative essay are:

Coming up with a Topic

You have to select a topic before anything else. A good idea is something that you are passionate about. It will enable you to write in great detail. Read through an informative essay example or two to see what others have written on, this might help you come up with a topic of your own.

Creating a Format

You need to come up with an outline of how you will go about your work. Your essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion.

Presenting Your Ideas

Once you have a topic, try your best to present your informative essay sample in a way that will be educative to a reader.

Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.

Basic Dos and Don’ts of Writing Informative Essay Samples


Choose an exciting topic.

Have adequate knowledge on the subject.

Check your facts.

Read an example of informative essay


Write too much information, just the relevant data.

Write without taking breaks. They are essential to your creativity.

Write last minute. Give yourself time to conduct proper research.

Here are some informative essay samples:

Informative Essay Sample 1: Los Angeles Railway Systems

According to Peterson (42), the railway systems of Los Angeles first developed around Central Los Angeles. It began as a streetcar widely known as the “Yellow Street Car”. He further expounds on why the name got chosen. It came about because of the yellow paint scheme during the 19th century. All this was long before the Los Angeles Railway got sold to the National City Lines, later renamed Los Angeles Transit Lines. Peterson (42) observed that even though initially the railway system had steady growth, it collapsed much later in the 1930s due to a number of reasons. This paper seeks to explain the two critical reasons that are still threatening the development of the railway systems of Los Angeles.

Megabus Effect

According to Wright (54), the “Megabus Effect” is one of the major factors that continue to undercut the success of the Los Angeles railway systems. It is the new express bus service which is more lavish and cheaper in comparison to the high speed rail. Wright (54) notes the advantages of buses are many making them preferable to rail travel. Megabus provides WiFi, power outlets and gives a provision for online booking. According to him, buses are more appealing to people who use electronic devices as they travel. Their fare charges are relatively low and due to their structure, are incredibly comfortable. Unlike the case of railway travel, it has higher speed meaning a faster means of transport although not comfortable because of overcrowding.

Wright (54) explains that this has hindered the railway industry to continue to increase their services due to low demand in their services. An example is the ongoing construction of high speed rail in LA which stalled since the company was unable to raise the billions of dollars needed to build a high speed rail.

Political Factors

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We can write a high-quality paper for you.
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.

Politics is the second factor that has undermined the success of the railway systems in LA. Maxwell (26) gives an example of a period where the Obama Government came up with a proposal which constituted of an extensive plan of funding high speed rail construction. The project was to upgrade existing railway lines in America including those in LA. It also aimed to ease the city to city service. Maxwell (26) notes that Obama’s administration had proposed to allocate approximately $49 billion which was to spread over a six year period.

However, the proposal got opposed by the political class. They argued that the process would entail a massive debate on policy and studies on land management. They feared that it would be costly in regards to finances and time. Such politicking has since undermined the growth and development of the railway systems in LA even with the rapid growth in technology. Maxwell (26)

In conclusion, it is evident that although the Megabus and politics are not the only drawbacks to the success of the railway systems in LA, they have continually undermined its growth process. To stand the effect of the Megabus, and be able to upgrade its systems, the railway companies have to be subsidized by the government. Its dependability will be upon politicians to cooperate.

Informative Essay Sample 2: An Inmates Perspective

Austen (2007) describes prisons as neither the best places to live in on earth nor the safest. Given an opportunity to choose otherwise, most of the inmates would never have chosen to be there. Distinct from other societies, prisons are bad neighborhoods filled with all types of criminals from all walks of life. According to Gerry’s (2006) perspective, it’s arguable that prisons are safest as they have an ever presence of correctional guards and a 24 hour maximum security. Unfortunately, it has never been so as the risks of insecurity are the highest here. It is the prisoners together with the correctional guards that are the leading cause of insecurity. This paper discusses the perspective of a prisoner of the prison’s environment.

The Great Challenges Inmates Face in Prison

According to Austen (2007), inmates in prisons face numerous challenges from insecurity, health issues, to overcrowding. On top of the list is insecurity. Gangs are the ones ruling the prisons instead of the correctional officers. In Gerry’s (2006) perspective, if the inmates don’t belong to gangs, they are not guaranteed of security. On several occasions, new prisoners have been intimidated to join them and if they resist, are denied resources according to them such as food.

Gerry (2006) asserts that substances such as drugs and alcohol that these gangs use masqueraded as “offering of protection” have in real sense perpetuated the prisons insecurity. Furthermore, these gangs are accountable for kidnapping, murders in prisons, assaults and even prostitution. They have been known to bribe the correctional officers to allow them to commit violence against their fellow prisoners. Gerry (2006) gives a perfect example of such a scenario experienced in 2003. An inmate got severely injured by the black gang KUMI with the help of former officer Leon Holston who was considered to be guilty of abetting them.

Second to the great list of challenges faced by inmates is health. Prisons are considered breeding grounds for diseases. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (2008) states that the highest rate of infections occurrences is in prisons. Such infections include viral hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis and syphilis. Prisons poor sanitary conditions have attributed to the high rate of disease infection.

The third critical issue that needs to get addressed urgently is overcrowding given that it is cruel and inhuman. Austen (2007) states that the Supreme Court had made a declaration that overcrowding in California’s prison system a cruel treatment that violates the Eighth Amendment. Aside from this violation, it also exposes the prisoners to a host of dangers that include sexual abuse from other inmates, insufficient medical care, increased violence from fellow inmates and exposure to diseases and other forms of infections.

In conclusion, prisons are never the best places to live in due to its harsh challenges. Issues of poor health and insecurity are mainly brought forth by overcrowding in prisons. Therefore, significant reforms are needed to ensure prisons can only hold an appropriate number of inmates at any given time. The prisoner’s knowledge of human rights needs improvement by empowering them through consistent training programs. Lastly, inmates need to be encouraged to report their cases to law enforcement bodies.

Informative Essay Example 3: Citizenship

Citizenship is a broad topic that gets viewed from various angles. To a lot of people, it is understood as the ability to satisfy any legal requirement that qualifies them to be legitimate citizens of a particular country. From this perspective, the criteria that defines citizenship is regarding a person’s nationality to a country.

However, the meaning of citizenship is a question that can get viewed in broader terms. It entails evaluating the kind of qualities that a person must have to get classified as a good citizen. This angle of viewing citizenship through personal qualities of a person is better than that of evaluating one based on their nationality. It is because some people obtain the citizenship of a country by meeting all the set requirements of the law but in their home countries, they do not portray the same behaviors. Therefore, the issue concerning the qualities of being a citizen should get addressed to find out the different traits that people should have to get referred to as citizens.

One quality that a good citizen should possess is honesty. A loyal citizen should apply honesty in various aspects such as refusing to associate with illegal dealings and corruption. When relating to other people at any place in the society, a good citizen should observe honesty.

A good citizen should at all times obey the law to the letter and ensure that all of their actions conform to the laid down regulations of the country. Obeying these laws will significantly involve respect for the authority systems of the country. They should love their countries and always feel proud even in times of unrest.

Another positive character of a decent citizen is actively contributing to the community and the society in general. To be able to participate actively in events that are positive to the society. Such an activity may entail contributing to charitable events and funding community development projects. A stand up citizen should always initiate and engage in projects such as community awareness programs and conservation projects.

A model citizen should be able to coexist with people from other tribes, races or nationalities peacefully. Treat those who are different from them both fairly and equally. As a good citizen, motivate fellow cosmopolitan people to work as one for the development and progress of the country. It entails fighting for the rights of the people in spite of the differences in tribe, race or nationality. A model citizen also strives to serve others before themselves.

Good citizens could borrow one of Benjamin Franklin’s quotes from his autobiography that states that one should do good to their friends to keep them and to their enemies to win them. People who live by this quote will remain to be good citizens to their fellow countrymen as their actions will never cause conflict (Glassman and Osephson).

By the above examples of good characters, we can understand that citizenship involves more than the existence in a particular country. It is acting in a manner that portrays the traits of a good citizen.


You should be ready for your next assignment by using the above informative essay examples and guidelines. Ensure that the topic you choose educates the reader. As you finish, take time to proofread your work or have someone else do it for you.

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