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Demonstration Speech Ideas

Demonstration Speech Ideas

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An assignment to find demonstration speech ideas for college students is a somewhat standard assignment for young people.

However, whenever given this task, they face two main difficulties. They might not have the slightest of what this type of speaking is all about, so they have to study the fundamentals of the issue. Besides, It might be hard to find good topics to talk about in a speech.

That is why we have decided to help college students out and answer their questions before they dive into the subject and choose to craft a good speech themselves.

So, without further ado, meet our profound answers to their concerns.

What is a demonstration speech?

To be honest, you have already given this speech many times in your life. You might not have known that you are doing it, but you did. Surprised? Well, you should not be.

A demonstration speech aims to explain how to do something or how a particular thing works. Therefore, whenever you describe to someone how to play basketball, how to find a job of his dream, or how to improve his grades at college, you are giving a demonstration speech.

The quality of such impromptu speeches varies, but the main point is that you already know the basics.

The purpose of this speech is to help the target audience, be it one person or a group of people, understand how to do something.

We strongly recommend you to craft your demonstration speech on paper first before you say it out loud. Seeing your thoughts on paper can help you structure your ideas, see the flaws in your arguments, and improve the quality of the piece before you deliver it.

As with any other work, you should start your writing with the development of a persuasive speech outline. And here is how to do it.

Creating a good persuasive speech outline

Explain the importance of the subject.

In the beginning, you need to state that it is vital to understand the principles you are about. Otherwise, the audience will have no interest or motivation to sit up and listen to you speak. It is in your best interest to state why they have to learn this task and listen to you carefully.

Introduce them to the whole process.

Do not rush into details from the start. This way, you will lose audience’s attention. For better impact and results, you need to present a big picture to them and give them a ‘helicopter view’ to the steps you will soon dive into. It will trigger their interest and help you capture their attention.

Split the process into steps.

Now, that they understand why this topic is important and how it will look like in general, go through the process step by step providing enough evidence and support to each of your arguments. Find the golden cut in between too much and the insufficient amount of steps. Do not rush into too many details and give them the freedom to decide on ways to perform specific tasks.

Explain all the options.

If you are telling your target audience how to live a healthy lifestyle on campus, leave room for creativity and explain that you are only providing them with examples that can be altered and changed. They can choose a different kind of sports than what you offered, eat different food and not necessarily become vegetarians. Just remind them to follow your general guidelines and ensure that they feel free to experiment.

This is what an outline for a demonstration speech should look like.

Now that you understand what it should consist of consider moving to the demonstration speech ideas.

Remember that ours are just examples, and you can always adjust the ideas. Just remember that it is better to talk about something you can relate to, you feel passionate about, etc. Besides, do not lose track of time and prepare enough material to deliver within the time you have. Your audience does not have all the time in the world to listen to your forever.

So, respect their time, stick to the structure we mentioned above and choose one of the ideas we discussed below when composing your next speech.

5 minute demonstration speech ideas

  1. How to organize a student wedding on a budget.
  2. How to become an influential public speaker.
  3. How to start a successful YouTube channel and monetize it.
  4. How modern technologies take control over our lives these days.
  5. How to build a good website from ground up
  6. How to manage your time effectively
  7. How to live a healthy lifestyle on campus
  8. How to write your first eBook
  9. How to bring up morally strong children in a messed up world
  10. How to earn your first $100 on campus
  11. Easy demonstration speech ideas
  12. How to live longer with our ecology
  13. How to be happier every day
  14. Six ways to simplify your life in this complicated world
  15. Discover practical ways to kill your dreams
  16. How to encourage young people for a more eco-friendly lifestyle
  17. How to balance your social and college life
  18. How not get sick during the flu season.
  19. How to change your image and look stylish with no extra cash
  20. How to be a successful student (and not go nuts)
  21. How to find a job you will really love while at college
  22. Demonstration speech ideas with food
  23. How to become a vegan (and why)
  24. How to cook delicious Italian pizza
  25. How to prepare cheap and nutritious weekly menu
  26. How to cook mushroom soup
  27. How to prepare original party snacks with food you have in your fridge
  28. How to make a cake without an oven
  29. How to be a good cook
  30. How to prepare food your children will like
  31. How to use the healthy cooking approach
  32. How to write a food review
  33. Good demonstration speech ideas
  34. How to interpret body language
  35. How to bargain at the market
  36. How to motivate yourself to finish a writing project
  37. How to create a compelling resume
  38. How to meet your one and only
  39. Learn your way into freelance coding
  40. How to work reasonable hours in the society that tends to overwork
  41. How to stack snacks in your dormitory
  42. How to get to school on time
  43. How to become the best student
  44. Persuasive speech topics
  45. How proper cleaning can make you happier
  46. How to learn from painful experiences and move on
  47. How to help toddlers be creative
  48. How to make the most of the boredom in our lives
  49. How playing the piano makes you a more patient person
  50. How to live mindfully and why
  51. How to fight cybercrime
  52. How to hold an Earth Day event on campus
  53. How not to get swamped with modern technologies
  54. How to lose a guy of your dream in a week

Ideas for good demonstration speech ideas can vary. Take the ones you find the most relevant to your target audience and start your research. Think every step of your piece through and align them with your ultimate goal.

As long as you use our practical tips on how to craft a good speech and choose an exciting topic, you can start writing your demonstration speech for college students and expect it to be a real success.

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