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Descriptive Essay Examples

Descriptive Essay Examples

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Descriptive Essay
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Possessing the right descriptive essay writing skills is essential for students who aspire to score excellent grades in these writing assignments. Before good scores start flowing in, students should begin honing writing skills right from the junior level by learning the right tips and sufficiently practicing these essays. Most students miss out on these basics and find it difficult to produce satisfactory results. By learning the tips covered in this example of descriptive essay, students can begin enjoying excellent results as their writing skills will notably improve and the writing process becoming more enjoyable and fulfilling.

The Dos of Descriptive Essays

Use the Right Style, Format, and Type

These are the aspects of the assignment writers are not at liberty to determine. They are defined in the guidelines whereby writers are expected to apply them as stated. They are also predetermined for particular types of essays whereby they might not be included in the, but students are still expected to adhere to them. So it is essential to learn all academic styles, formats, and types and how to effectively apply them in descriptive essay writing.

Use Transitions

Transitions are words and phrases that link ideas by bridging paragraphs together. Excellent descriptive essays portray a continuous flow of ideas from one paragraph to another, as well as creating the unbroken chain between the subject matter and the presented facts. When transitions are utilized, they make sections sound solidly interlinked rather than appearing like random unconnected strings. The following are a few examples of some transitional words that can be used in descriptive essays:

  • in addition
  • likewise
  • furthermore
  • equally important
  • although
  • in this case
  • on the negative side
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.

Easy Readability

When there is a massive load for the instructor to thoroughly read and assess an essay that is easy to read will guarantee better chances of impressing the tutor. The narrative is easy to read and understand when the composition is presented in concise and straightforward to grasp sentences. The points of view and events in the essay are easy to get even when the professor skim reads through the piece.


After the conclusion, it is important to proofread the descriptive essay at least twice then have another party to proofread it as well. Proofreading ensures the errors that spellchecker software cannot identify are addressed and rectified. By doing this, the writers ensure that the hanging points and ideas are grounded and make sense.

Attempt the Prompt Precisely

An essay that does not respond to the prompt is considered irrelevant no matter how much writing and language prowess is portrayed. An irrelevant piece is automatically discredited because remaining relevant to the subject matter is a core aspect in the grading scheme. Some prompts can be complicated and require responses to more than one point. After concluding the first draft, it is to go through it and ensure all the points presented in the prompt are adequately addressed.

The Don’ts of Descriptive Essays

Oversupply Information and Facts

Stocking the essay with lots of information and facts enriches the content, but caution should be exercised in the amount of information supplied. Too much information might confuse the readers, and they might not understand the material and relate to it. The flow of the essay might get easily get confused, and some vital information might be skipped.

Disregard Formatting Details

Paying attention to the proper formatting requirements for descriptive essays assures the assessor that the writer paid attention to the presentation of the essay. Adhering to the formatting regulation portrays excellent writing skills. The following aspects are crucial in the formatting styles:

  • Margins
  • Font size
  • Spaces
  • Paper size
  • Page numbers

The point of view is another important style in the descriptive essay writing. For this type of essays, the point of view is defined in the general guidelines in which the third person is proposed as the most preferred because describing facts is correctly represented in reporting style. First person point of view is preferred for narratives that rely on appealing to the reader’s attitudes and emotions

Plagiarizing Descriptive Essay Samples

Assessment penalizes unoriginal texts despite risking the reputation of the writer, the position of the writer in the institutions is jeopardized as well. With the development of specialized software, it is easy to detect copied text. Writing your own text is the surest way of avoiding plagiarism as ideas are presented in the original language. However, the availability of many descriptive essay examples hasn’t made this easy as most students will be tempted to just copy these and submit as their own.

Apply Negative Language

The negative language implies words that contain negative suffixes and negating phrases. Words such as painless and inexpensive are words that invoke contrary inclinations in the reader’s mind. Instead of such words positive words like comfortable and economic should be used.

Apply Lots of Clichés

Clichés appeal in the colloquial speech but are highly discouraged in academic writing and especially in descriptive writing. They portray significant weaknesses in language and vocabulary as well as stringing original phrases. Academic writing demands formal writing and language presented in a formal speech-like prose.

With that in mind, here is a descriptive essay example to illustrate how to apply the points:

Descriptive Essay Sample: Wonders of the Ancient Civilization

Profound technology marvels from the ancient civilizations tell us the miracles of the ancient world witnessed and some are considered wonders of the world. Today’s technology has allowed scientists to take a peek through the fabric of time into the past, as far back as the beginning of the universe. They might seemingly possess all the knowledge, but do they have all the answers? In the heat of these inquiries, differing theories keep popping from everywhere trying to describe the unknown and filling the gaps. Each theory speculated about the being of a specific phenomenon. It becomes more confusing or problematic to speculate about an older phenomenon because information gets lost along the way, so the older an artifact, the fewer the info.

Focusing on architecture, some profound debates have emanated with great mystery and awe. Scholars and common schools of thought find common ground on the fact that accomplishing these ancient engineering wits was not an easy task especially when they relied on ingenious tools and skills. They remain wonders, and some are clouded in mystery with no evident froth coming information any time soon. A few of these monuments are explored in this essay.

When speaking of the ancient world, the Stonehenge seems a predominant feature throughout the texts. It comprises a ring of huge stones arranged in a circular pattern. These stones stand in the middle of England’s Salisbury Plains. Even though modern science does not quite understand the logic behind the Stonehenge, the monument still inspires and impresses regarding the purpose and manner of construction. Chronological analysis findings indicate that this works on this prehistoric monument begun eleven thousand years ago and some recent work dating three thousand years. Very little information is known about builders, like their origins because they had no written language. So they did not preserve records to indicate their objectives. Some speculate that it was a ceremonial site for druid rituals.

Besides the lack of information, it still amazes how they managed to lift and move such big and massive megaliths in the dark ages. There were no explosives or machines that could handle such gigantic loads. Even though the construction is primitive, some boulders weigh as much as fifty tons and nearest site from which the stones were extracted is about eighteen miles away. So how could ancient primitive techniques manage to accomplish such a task? Considering it is a task of numerous complications moving such a load even in the modern world, why would they want to build such a thing in the first place?

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We can write a high-quality paper for you.
Save Time and Nerves - Order a paper from us!
We can write a high-quality paper for you.

Another ancient relic is the Great Wall of China. Full of marvelous wonders, it is the only humanmade structure that is visible from space. It is so enormous and spans over thirteen thousand miles length which is longer than some European country’s borders. The Chinese government recently stated that the wall is more extended than it was previously established. The wall took about two thousand years to build with works starting in the third century B.C. through to the seventeenth century. The construction era spanned across several kingdoms thus different sections were constructed with different objectives and techniques. It can be termed as unoriginal because some parts were reconstructed later on and they are the only sections accessible to tourists. Most of the other more prominent parts remain untouched as they are under protection in the effort of slowing down the gradual deteriorating.

The wall was built with the objective of protecting ancient China from invasions from the west. Since China was not always a single state, the original idea came from the first emperor who quelled the long-lasting interstate conflict and united China into one empire. In the effort to protect his kingdom he started building a wall to separate his kingdom and keep out invaders. His works were taken over by subsequent rulers who implement new designs for accommodating new features like garrisons. The wall’s thickness varies between thirteen to fifty feet, and the average height is twenty-five feet high.

Asia hides a lot of ancient relics that are magnificent even to date. These relics portray equally sophisticated architectural wittiness as those found in Europe or other parts of the world. In Sichuan, China the biggest statue of Buddha is located in Leshan. It measures seventeen meters high and twenty-four meters wide. It is carved from stone, and it is a remarkable statue which utilizes smart engineering techniques to stand out from the ancient world into the modern era. Works started during the reign of the Tang dynasty and were built for an entire century. The buns decorating the statue’s head double up as the drainage system that helps the statue keep deterioration from direct exposure to weather conditions at bay.


Antiquity has lots of artifacts to offer that is as impressive as the modern day engineering wonders. The age of enormous constructions did not start in the modern era with the tall skyscrapers: thousands of years ago gigantic construction begun with primitive technologies and people managed to raise unimaginable structures. The structures mentioned above do not portray the extent of what human inspiration and innovation can achieve. There are many more marvelous constructions like the lighthouse of Alexandria and the Egyptian pyramids that show how much sacrifice was put into their being. They prove that human beings have always set targets achieved them and aspired for more achievement. This is the very essence that has given birth to the modern world.

Final Thoughts on Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essay writing is essentially assessed if the known facts are grasped by the writer and whether they can derive a holistic and objective examination. Formatting the articles correctly is also part of the task whereby correct styling is tested, and ideas flow from the onset to the conclusion while remaining relevant to the topic. Reading through some descriptive essay samples will help you as you’d literally be learning through example, but, remember that plagiarizing any descriptive essay sample is a great crime in essay writing and you will be penalized!

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